Coworking Space Advertising: How to Market Your Coworking Space Effectively

If you want to keep your office full of happy, productive professionals, you must market your coworking space. It is important to promote your coworking area to keep your office full of productive, happy professionals.

Best Practices for Marketing Your Coworking Space

You may be a manager or owner of a coworking space and not know how to market your business. Sit down with a drink of your choice and make notes. These best practices will help promote your coworking space effectively.

Create a Great Website

Your coworking space’s website is your virtual front door. Your website is the first thing that prospective members will check before they visit your coworking space.

You should get a website if you do not have one for your business. Your coworking property site looks like it was created in the dial-up era. It’s time to update it with lots of photos and videos of your property.

  • Include all the necessary information, such as rates, terms and conditions, amenities, and contact details. You must make the booking process as simple as possible for both current and potential customers. You can easily achieve this with a coworking CRM software such as Flex Engine which allows you to embed a “booking” button on your site.

Include testimonials and photos from your after-hours community. This will show how vibrant the work environment is. Guest posts on a blog will allow prospective members to see the people they would be working with.

Coworking Space Advertising with Coworking SEO

Create a Marketing Plan and Timeline

A marketing plan for office spaces is essential to the promotion of your coworking space. Set realistic goals and then create a schedule of marketing activities to help you achieve your goals. You might want to include Instagram photos of the coworking area months before it opens if the space is still being renovated or built. Then you can advertise the space once it’s open.

You’ll want to know who your audience is, which will likely be entrepreneurs and freelancers. Also, include your competitors when creating your coworking plan. Include information about your brand’s strengths and weaknesses as well as SEO content strategies.

You will need to evaluate your marketing efforts as part of your coworking plan. With this information in hand, you can adjust goals as necessary.

Social Media: How to Make the Most Of It

  • Social media is a must for your coworking space. Your audience is likely to have a good understanding of social media. Social media posts can be made for free, and boosting these posts is cheap compared to their value.

Make sure that your social media posts reflect your brand and image. Even if you post photos of after-hours activities, your posts should still convey a professional appearance. Your office should be neat, spacious, and up-to-date.

You should choose social media channels that are used by your target audience and encourage them to visit your website for additional information. This will boost your organic traffic to your website and help your coworking space website rank higher in search engines.

Content Marketing Strategies

Your marketing strategy begins with the content on your website. Include a blog in your website. You or your members’ blog posts can be shared via social media by using links that bring readers back to the website of your coworking space.

  • Your coworking content strategy should include a free newsletter that includes information about professional development and your coworking space. This will allow you to provide information to potential members, while also collecting email addresses and names of leads.

You should include some information in your e-newsletters to encourage readers to visit your website. Search engine optimization requires that you weave keywords into your content naturally. Your business will be ranked higher on search engines. Your website will be the first one that people see when they search for coworking spaces in your city.

Advertise Near Transportation Hubs

You can advertise in places where commuters will pass by every day if your city is a busy one. Advertise short-term rental spaces at hotels and airports. Some business travelers might need to use a place that doesn’t have free WiFi.

Billboards are a great way to advertise your coworking space near highways and roads that are frequently traveled by drivers, Uber and Lyft users. Indicate your website or coworking space’s name so that people can find you.

Organise Open Houses, Other Events and More

Hosting open houses is another essential marketing strategy for coworking spaces. Open houses are a great way to welcome new members. Your leads can tour your office and check out how accessible your coworking area is. Include folders with information and refreshments for your potential members.

Be sure that these events do not become a hassle for your members. You can hold these events after hours to avoid disturbing their work and compromising their sensitive information. Asking a few tenants to give tours and rewarding them with off with their next rent month might be a good idea.

  • Your property may be rented for short-term rental for conferences, or you could use your open spaces to host events after hours. An open house allows a whole new audience to see what your coworking space can do.

Giving Free Memberships in Strategic Ways

The most effective way to advertise is through word-of-mouth. Give free memberships to local entrepreneurs or freelancers who could use your meeting rooms. Your space will be shared by them and others.

You can also use the free memberships to reward members who have signed longer-term contracts or made their rent payments in advance. You can reward these members with a few free months to encourage them and show your appreciation for their commitment.

Join the Chamber of Commerce

You can market your coworking space by networking with local business organizations or chambers of commerce. Meet your target audience, including entrepreneurs and startup owners who may be interested in your coworking space.

You might volunteer to host a flexible-working event as a member of the chamber. Invite the leading businesspeople in the area to your flex-working property for as little as a few bottles of wine, nonalcoholic beverages, and some light appetizers. Your coworking property will be featured in the chamber’s publications and website.

Win-win situation!

Share Customer Success Stories

Sharing success stories about your property is an important part of any marketing plan. Share the good news with your members and celebrate their success. You can do this by sharing it in your e-publications and blog.

The fact that companies have outgrown your coworking area and are now in their buildings will encourage entrepreneurs who want to start up their businesses at your coworking facility.

  • Those who have already joined your coworking space and are enjoying its benefits will also be able to share their stories with potential coworking members.

The Key Takeaways

Marketing and promotion of your coworking space are essential for keeping it booked. Create a marketing timeline and a website that is attractive, easy to use, and up to date. Also, check out coworking software such as Flex Engine.

Then, you can use a combination of content marketing and SEO to bring prospective members to your website. Advertise in places where your target audience can see the benefits of your coworking space. 

Face-to-face marketing, such as networking and memberships in local business groups and organizations will also increase your clientele. Alternatively, you can also seek help from Coworking SEO, we can help you with any digital marketing that involves coworking. We can provide strategies and business models that are suited for your coworking company.

You can also increase the occupancy of your coworking space by offering free memberships to local entrepreneurs, freelancers, and influencers.

You’ll want to periodically evaluate your marketing steps as part of your plan to determine how effective they are and whether or not you are meeting marketing goals. You can make adjustments to your marketing and promotional efforts once you’ve analyzed their performance.

These promotional strategies will help you to increase the number of coworking spaces in your building and your profits.

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