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Coworking SEO is fueling the next wave of entrepreneurship, economic growth, and innovation.

Origin Story

Jake started Coworking SEO from a coworking space on Long Island, NY in December 2020. He started as a customer of the space, developed a relationship with the owner, and then pioneered a new way for membership acquisition that drove the space from 75% vacancy to <10% in only 9 months.

Over those 9 months, he became a sponge. He experimented and discovered new ways to enrich the community in a space. Now, he is on a mission to support as many independent coworking spaces as possible.

Today, the Coworking SEO model services coworking spaces across the United States, producing millions of additional revenue for owners nationally.

Our Mission

Our mission is to give independent communities a fighting chance against the VC-backed enterprises next door – to build the coworking spaces next to WeWork.

As the number of workspaces grows, the WeWork’s of the world are developing new technologies such as HR software and micro-consultancies to compete in the larger market.

We believe in the power of local business owners to fuel waves of innovation and microeconomic growth for generations to come. That’s why we’re developing similar technologies to deploy to independent space owners at large, aiding in customer acquisition, retention, and administration.

Us vs. Them

Coworking SEO is the best combination of specialization, done-for-you, and affordable services.

We are the only company in the coworking space industry to offer a complete done-for-you solution for reaching 100% capacity. At a price that’s within reach for most coworking space owners too.

When it comes to member acquisition, retention, and administration, Coworking SEO is proudly the #1 choice.

✅ SEO, PPC, Social, Email, etc.

✅ Specialized services only for coworking

✅ Familiar with CRE applications such as Yardi Kube, Andcards, Optix, etc.

✅ Developing revolutionary technologies specifically for coworking spaces

Other Agencies

✅ SEO, PPC, Social, Email, etc.

❌ Jack of all trades, but the master of none

❌ Strictly service lead gen, do not support retention or administration

❌ Incapable of investing in research and development for one of many verticals

Our Core Values

Honesty Thrives

Commit To The Journey

Never Settle For Average

Invest Every Dollar Wisely

Choose Excellence

Build Amazing Culture

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