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Many things will have changed by 2020. The workplaces have also changed. People are searching for alternative options to office space as economic losses have slowed the growth of commercial real estate. We know now that coworking and managed offices have been growing for a long time. The recent turnaround in the economy has given this sector a boost.

Leasing of office space may fall 30% by 2020, while rentals are expected to remain stable. It is an opportunity for leaders of managed office spaces to market their businesses as much as they can and attract more footfall.

Office Space Marketing

Office Space Marketing: 6 Marketing Strategies to Use for a Managed Workspace.

1. Marketing & Advertising Targeted

Digital marketing services using target marketing are a great office space marketing way to get the word out about any office. Marketing that is not targeted will only result in more effort and a less impressive outcome. Due diligence is a necessity to list out the TG using online and offline platforms. In a managed office, the primary TG is the managers and administrative personnel who are responsible for running the office. A secondary target could be the office employees. It can be smart to contact the employees to explain why they require a managed space since the office is chosen for them. It can be a great asset for them to tell their team leaders about it.

2. Lead Generation

It’s now time to contact the niche group. Lead generation is essential to finding prospects. The use of as many platforms, such as Google and LinkedIn, or different tools, can help identify a niche. According to a Forbes article, the most popular platform for commercial real estate is LinkedIn. You can use different media to reach them, such as email marketing, in-person, or any other channel. Tell them about the benefits and services they can receive, as well as how a managed space will improve their daily operations and ease the hassles.

3. Benefits of membership

Surprise your customers with a variety of benefits and perks. To encourage customer retention, offer a discount on membership plans. This is a good solution for the teams who rent the space. A win-win situation.

In addition to a discounted long-term membership, offer various perks such as free work for the first few days, cater to personal needs, flexible working places, and create a fun and enjoyable working environment. This is a good idea. Word of mouth can be a powerful advertising tool. The more satisfied they are with the service, the more likely they are to recommend it to others, thereby increasing business. Referral systems are a great way for existing customers to get more business in exchange for some rewards.

Deloitte has compiled a list of the most popular amenities for 2020. Offering as many amenities as possible will help you attract more customers.

4. Social Media Presence

In today’s world, having a presence on social media is essential. Most people use different social media platforms, such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. It’s best to figure out which social media platforms are most popular and create content for all of them. You can post different types of content, such as listings, services and perks, candid photos, behind-the-scenes management, special features, and services.

should follow the 80/20 rule. This means that 80% of posts are for general content and 20% are advertisements. Forbes article advises leaders to keep a mix of promotional and engaging content.

It is important to have an online presence and to optimize the website so that people searching for managed workspaces can easily find it.

5. Community engagement

Any business must keep people entertained and engaged. The ideal office space keeps employees healthy and happy, lowers operating costs, and creates perfect working conditions. To make work more enjoyable, one can try different ideas. One good idea is to have ” happy hours”, where people can enjoy a chill evening of food, drinks, and music. For more formal events you can host events for networking and competitions such as hackathons or webinars. It is important to integrate learning and entertainment into the workplace.

These strategies, if implemented intelligently and with precision, will help any office to receive more inquiries and possibly more customers. To build trust and attract more customers, it is important to provide great customer service.

6. Coworking Management Software

Coworking software can help operators achieve amazing member services, and efficient operations, increase revenue, cultivate a community that is engaged, foster brand loyalty, and more. By using Coworking Management Software, It’ll be easier for the members to access their building and get in contact with the building management..

Coworking SEO Offers office space marketing and Flex Engine a coworking management software that is a valuable tool that helps streamline the operations of a coworking space. It allows the management team to effectively manage memberships, bookings, and payments in a centralized platform. Members can easily book desks or meeting rooms, making it convenient for them to find and reserve the space they need. This not only saves time but also enhances member satisfaction.

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