Social Media For Coworking Spaces

Search Engine Optimization is the most powerful method for getting more members in your coworking space's local area.


How Social Media Helps Coworking Spaces

We focus on the real metrics that grow a business - sales, revenue, and profits

Improve Your Organic Reach Online

Reach More Users By Keeping Up-To-Date With Social Media Management

Turn Followers Into Leads

Get More Leads By Regularly Engaging With Your Audience On Social Media

Build Trust With Prospects

Impress New Visitors Who Check You Out On Social Media Before Buying

Stand Out From Competition

Differentiate From Other Spaces By Having Active Social Media Accounts

What To Expect

Internet users are increasingly checking out companies they support online before making purchases. Your social media presence is like your LinkedIn profile, but for shopping. Before a prospect joins your space, they’re probably going to check out you out on Instagram, Facebook, or TikTok to see pictures or videos of the place first. Your prospects want to envision themselves going to your coworking space before they actually sign up. Having active social media accounts will help them connect the dots and sign up faster, resulting in more leads and more sales.


We provide powerful tools for organizing and managing social media content. Then, we handle posting and engaging with your audience so that all you have to do is upload pictures. Every month, you’ll receive a report with how your accounts performed, what leads came in, and how we expect to improve.

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Our Approach To Social

Every Strategy Is Unique

Our approach to social media for coworking spaces is to build a community by creating authentic posts and user engagement. We understand that every shared office space has different customer demographics, and we tailor our voice on social media to suit each one.

Prioritize Engagement

Engagement is the backbone of social media. Your engagement rate determines the percentage of new accounts that will discover your posts, which determines your impressions and reach. Thus, our goal is to authentically engage with as much of your community as possible in comments and messages.

Be Real

Everybody can spot a cookie-cutter caption or stock photo from a mile away on social media. That’s why we only use real photos of your space and real captions written by American copywriters. Prospects will feel more welcomed when they see your social media is managed by a real person at your office, rather than a bot or overseas agency.

Communities Thrive

Coworking spaces are perfect for social media because social media is a giant community. Having an active social presence brings your members and prospects together on your page, and can aid both acquisition, from new accounts reached, and retention, from your members that stay engaged.

Conversion-Optimized Results

We track the number of leads that originate from your organic social media posts just like we do from the paid side of things. Every month, we will optimize our strategy based on what we saw to be successful previously. You will receive transparent monthly reports with the amount of leads you got, how many visited, who converted, and what’s next.


What's Included

✉ Social Media Leads Tracked and Reported Every Month

📊 Reporting Dashboard For Social Analytics and Content Scheduling

🕔 10+ Hours Saved Per Week Posting, Engaging, and Managing Community

📸 Weekly Posts on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and/or TikTok

📅 Content Can Be Submitted For Pre-Approval Before Scheduling and posting

📝 Captions Written By Professional Copywriters

#️⃣ Hashtag Optimization Strategy For on Each Platform

👋 Engagement (Comments/DMs/Likes) With Community On Weekly Basis


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If you meet our criteria for the type of coworking space we work with, you get a free consultation with one of our senior coworking strategists.


We will discuss your needs, challenges, and goals for your space.


After your free 30-minute Exploratory Consultation, you’ll come away with 3 invaluable things:

An initial diagnosis of why your current marketing efforts aren’t working for coworking space.

A clear understanding of the main ways your coworking space marketing could be improved.

An invitation to join our coworking accelerator and community of successful coworking space owners

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we can manage all of your social media accounts. We create captions, schedule posts, engage with your community, and report on analytics on your behalf. We’re confident with Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, and TikTok.

Finding, interviewing, hiring, onboarding, compensating, and retaining a new social media marketing specialist is a massive undertaking. It takes significant time, and after all that, who’s to say that they stick around? Can you afford continual raises? Health insurance? Recurring software subscriptions? All the additional time you’ll need to invest in training and review?


If not time spent hiring, training is the biggest reason your coworking space should outsource social media. Are you prepared to ensure your team stays up-to-date with the latest best practices, skills, and strategies? Social media platforms change every quarter with new updates, policy changes, and advertising products. Unless you yourself are an expert and you have lots of time to dedicate to this, you’re going to need to have your paid social specialist trained elsewhere. That will likely cost more money; or, you can hope your specialist dedicates their own time to learning it.


We keep our social media advertising team accountable for you. When you hire Coworking SEO for your coworking space’s social media, you won’t need to worry about managing quality, staying up-to-date, or salaries and benefits. We’ll get it all done for you!

First, we send over a new client intake form that asks about the voice you want for your social media profiles, the content you would like to see, any other must-knows, and tells you where to upload pictures/videos.


From there, we begin scheduling content on all of your social media platforms. If you’d like to pre-approve your posts, the calendar is sent over to your primary email for your approval. Otherwise, the posts are scheduled and go live at the optimal times for your followers’ engagement on each platform.


We make time to engage with your followers on each platform by liking posts, interacting in comments and DMs, and creating engaging stories.


Every month, we send over a detailed report with a breakdown of how many leads we received, where they came from, how many became visitors, and how many converted. We also include a forecast for next month and what we expect to improve.

Hire us because we understand the coworking business model more than any other agency. We’ve spent hours upon hours researching, strategizing, and implementing unique marketing strategies to benefit our spaces.


Here’s an example: we were tasked to grow the membership of a coworking space in Connecticut. We identified that their issue was the 12-month minimum contract for coworking desk members. The reason they had such a long commitment was because it made administration much easier. The problem wasn’t the marketing; it was administration.


We helped them get set up on Andcards to simplify managing coworking memberships. Since Andcards made it easier to collect recurring payments and accept visitors, they could get rid of the 12-month minimum. We then implemented our proven coworking space marketing strategies and quickly filled the office space to maximum capacity, leveraging the flexibility we had just introduced to sign up members. The result was that they filled up their workspace within 6 months.


A digital marketing agency would have advertised the space exactly as they instructed them to. Visitors would get turned off by the 12-month minimum commitment and sign ups would be less than promised. The owner would be frustrated, seeing barely any new members joining after investing so much in advertising, and they would blame the agency for swindling them.


We’ve heard this story far too often, with slight variations for operational problems that get mistaken for advertising faults. Don’t make the same mistake.


We’re more similar to management consultants than digital marketers. Our understanding of the coworking business makes us more efficient, more effective, and easier to work with than other agencies.


If you’ve dealt with this problem or similar, click “Get Cheat Code” to request your free coworking space cheat code consultation.

First, we are the most specialized choice for coworking spaces. As our name (hopefully) implies, digital marketing for Coworking spaces is our bread and butter. We’ve done this a handful of times and we are highly confident that we can turn any coworking space from a lagging investment to a booming one. We’re intimately familiar with the customer journey of a coworking member, and the administrative needs of the coworking operator. We have a well-defined strategy for choosing keywords that are worth ranking against to drive ROI for your coworking space, and get you to the point of having a waitlist! You will not get the same level of dedication and specialty from any other agency.


Second, you’ll be supporting an American business. We’ve found social media marketing agencies may have a US-based office or two, but the work is outsourced overseas where quality really suffers. Our paid social team is based in the United States, primarily in Wisconsin and Pennsylvania. We provide the utmost quality Facebook ads services for coworking spaces, and incredible timeliness in communication, two absolutely critical components for the success in any agency-client relationship.


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