How to Market a Commercial Property

It’s crucial to implement the right strategies when it comes to marketing commercial real estate. This will allow you to maximize your visibility and make yourself stand out. To maximize the opportunity for your commercial real estate firm, you need to develop multi-channel marketing and advertising strategies to drive interest in your properties, build trust for your brand, and maximize revenue potential.

We have put together a list of online and offline real estate marketing strategies to help you keep up with your competition in the digital age. Learn how to market a commercial property.


Here are 28 ideas for commercial real estate advertising and marketing to help you get noticed in 2023.

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1. Segment Your Target Audience

Your marketing strategy and the way you market your business and properties will be heavily influenced by your target audience. To help you craft your marketing message, spend some time defining who they are and their motivations. Take a look at how your competitors market themselves and their properties to get some ideas. Consider how you might further segment the audience by identifying common characteristics such as geography, buyer types, purchasing criteria, etc.


2. Keep an active blog

A blog for your company is an excellent marketing tool. It can be a powerful way to increase visibility on social media, and search engines and start a dialogue with potential clients. You can educate your clients by providing tips and advice. Highlight lease transactions, company updates, and relevant local and industry news. This is a great opportunity to show your expertise and establish yourself as an authority in your industry. You can also invite your readers’ comments and suggestions.


3. Your Company News

You could create a news section for your website to highlight important company updates and relevant transactions. This will send a strong signal to your clients and search engines that your business is growing and active. A new section will also require less time and effort from you.


4. Implement a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Strategy


Ensure that your real estate site ticks all the boxes regarding SEO (Search Engine Optimization). an effective SEO strategy will help generate “free” traffic for your website from Google, as well as other search engines. It can also help you to generate visibility related to targeted keyword terms. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to reach more tenants and investors who are searching online for properties.

Your SEO strategy must include a detailed strategy that includes content strategy, link-building, user experience, and technical SEO. It is wise to hire an SEO agency or expert to optimize your website to maximize visibility. If you are looking for an omnichannel solution, a marketing package for commercial property may be the best option.


5. Automate Your Property Marketing

Use cloud-based platforms for property marketing such as SharpLaunch and Buildout to streamline your marketing activities. You will save time. These platforms can greatly reduce production time by creating a process-oriented strategy.


6. Make It Easy to Contact You

It is not good to make it difficult for your clients or prospects to contact you. Make sure that your contact information, including your phone number, email address, and business card, is readily accessible throughout your website, print collateral, email signature, and all printed materials. Create a contact form that is impressive on your website to meet the needs of your users and attract their attention.


7. Join LinkedIn and Get Active

In recent years LinkedIn became the “de facto” platform for professional networking. With over 500 million users, it has almost every professional you can think of in commercial real estate or finance. It also offers powerful engagement platforms, including group discussion forums, search features, and content postings. LinkedIn, combined with ultra-targeted advertising, is an important focus in 2023 for any business.


8. Track & Report Results

Make sure that you run Google Analytics on your site to track performance. You should also review the results at least one time a month. You will be able to make more informed marketing decisions and understand the impact of your website. It’s time to take action if your website does not generate prospects for your business or property.


9. Create a company newsletter

Email is still the most effective form of communication in CRE firms, with a greater response rate compared to almost all other online formats. A regular newsletter allows you to keep in touch with the most important prospects and clients, as well as showcase your company’s activity, provide valuable information for free, and create a relationship beyond the anonymity of the website.


10. Google Ads Campaigns Can Be Targeted to Specific Audiences


Google AdWords is a quick, efficient, and scalable method to reach potential investors and tenants online. You can showcase your offers or services in certain locations within search results or through display ads and retargeted advertisements for visitors to your website or that of your competitors. This is the fastest and easiest way to reach your most likely customers.


11. Run a Remarketing Campaign

Remarketing is a way to recapture visitors to your website by showing ads that are hyper-targeted and only for people who have visited your site or taken a certain action. Retargeting is a great way to increase your return rates because more than 90% will not take action on your website.


12. Contribute Guest Posts

You can submit an article to a variety of new websites, blogs, and trade magazines where you share your expertise. This strategy is useful for two reasons. It gives you exposure to large websites your target audience trusts, which you might not have been able to achieve on your site.


13. Take Professional Photos

Investing in high-quality, professional photos is one of the best ways to increase “wow” factors on your properties. The photos of your property will make a great first impression and are one of the best marketing investments that you can make. ).

Invest in professional photography if you do nothing else!


14. Get Busy on Twitter

Twitter has several marketing tools that go beyond publishing updates. These include the ability to embed multiple images into a tweet and capture email addresses from a Twitter ad. These tools will help you to share your new ideas, events, and property updates with your customers and prospects, as well as to grow your network.


15. Create and publish high-quality content

Content of high quality is one of the most important currencies of the Internet. It’s not enough to say “okay”. You must create exceptional, well-written blogs, informative articles, and HD videos of high quality, as well as market studies PDFs that showcase interesting data. Content helps you create an audience, build trust, and allow you to use the other distribution methods listed above.


16. Launch a Video Campaign

Video has one of the most engaging engagement rates for digital marketing. Video is a popular medium and more accessible than ever. You can increase traffic to your website by creating and publishing high-quality videos of your property, interviews, or videos that highlight your business. The three platforms also offer highly targeted advertising to help you increase your online reach.


17. Create 3D Video Walkthroughs

Video walkthroughs provide a more realistic insight into how a home is presented. In these health-conscious days, the ability to view properties from the safety and comfort of your home (and smartphone) is appreciated more than ever. You’ll need to make sure that the videos you produce are of a professional standard. Matterport is a great tool for this.


18. Create a strong company presentation

It is possible to communicate to potential clients your value propositions through a good presentation. If you want your presentation to have a long-lasting impact, it must be the best possible. Invest in a professionally produced presentation that is engaging, on target with your audience, and tells a compelling story of why anyone should work with you.


19. Update Your Print Collateral

Print collateral that you send out to clients speaks volumes about your company. You may have not updated your marketing material in a while or still do not have professional graphics. In 2023, you should consider updating your contact information, social networking links, website links and imagery.


20. Support Local Charities or Organizations

There is no greater satisfaction than working for a local charity you are passionate about. This is a wonderful way to give to the community and to make your name known. It also allows you to interact with people in a way that’s not possible strictly from a business perspective. Choose an organization that fits your business goals and brand. It should also be something you are passionate about.


21. Purchase Media at Traditional Outlets

While the majority of advertising dollars are moving online, there is still a wide range of effective and affordable options in print media such as newspapers, trade journals, and local publications. This is the best way to reach more people, increase your brand recognition, and ensure locals know you and your property. Test your campaigns to determine what generates the most interest. You can use these ads to drive traffic to custom URLs on your website.


22. Investing in a Professional Web Site


For a great first impression, you need a professional site that is up to date. This will help build the foundation of all your digital marketing campaigns. Google and Loopnet conducted a joint study that showed almost +80% of tenants and investors used the Internet to make purchase and lease decisions. Your website will help you to gain visibility for your brand, attract new prospects, and increase sales and leasing efforts. Your ability to attract and reach more tenants, brokers, investors, and banks is increasingly dependent on the experience that the website provides on their device. However, sometimes this might not be sufficient. A service that offers a full range of marketing packages for commercial real estate can be the key to generating more leads, traffic, and visibility.


23. Impress with Drone Photography

In the last two years, drone photography and videography have become more affordable and accessible allowing real-estate marketers to take beautiful images of real estate assets. Upgrade your images to HD drone photos for a more impressive “wow” effect.


24. Referrals are available upon request

This is the easiest and most effective way to market your business. You can increase inquiries by using word-of-mouth advertising without spending a lot of money on marketing or advertising. It’s important to ask . Maintain close relationships with past clients and make sure you follow up often.


25. Nurture your Relationships

It’s easy to overlook the importance of maintaining relationships with existing clients when you are constantly looking for new business. Make sure you reach out to your clients on a regular basis. (Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly) You can use social media (interactions with Twitter, Linkedin, etc.) to stay in touch, share your knowledge, and give your clients access to your network. ).


26. Publish Market Studies

It is a good idea to create reports on the local markets in which you operate. It is a wonderful tool for nurturing clients, and it also educates potential prospects. You can use data from sources such as Costar to summarize vacancy rates, average rents, average sales prices, absorption rates, and any significant transactions. You can highlight it as a feature on your website every month (or quarter) and attract more readers.


27. Outsource when needed

Many marketing activities are better handled by an external partner rather than doing them in-house. Outsourcing your marketing can give you a competitive edge.


28. Create Your Own Webinar

Hosted events, such as meetups or seminars, have always been popular. They bring people together from all over the industry and give your property much-needed exposure. You can also meet new people. But just because these face-to-face events are off the table (and they should be for the near future) doesn’t mean that there aren’t any other options. You can build relationships and engage people in a way you wouldn’t be able to do otherwise by hosting your own webinar.

If you would like assistance implementing these ideas for commercial real estate marketing into your strategy, feel free to contact us. Our specialists will call you to arrange a pre-call.

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